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Audiobook Blog Tour: History Village by Jo Elliott

Audiobook Blog Tour: History Village by Jo Elliott

Author: Jo Elliott

Narrator: Luke Castle

Length: 4 hours 21 minutes

Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing

Released: Oct. 21, 2019

Genre: Historical Fiction

Ally, Josh and Brendan are half-siblings living in Melbourne, Australia, whose family life is anything but ideal. During a chance family outing, the children discover a sacred scroll which offers them a solution to their problems…. Without forewarning, the children mysteriously find themselves in first century Palestine where they are compelled to live in a strange fishing village. In their desperate quest to get back home, the children learn about family relationships and God’s amazing love for them. Thrilling adventures will ensue as the children embark on the ride of their lives! This time-travelling tale allows Jesus to boldly speak to today’s youth on contemporary problems, encouraging the listener to “get into” the Bible and look to Jesus for help in times of trouble.

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Jo Elliott was born in Melbourne, Australia to Greek parents and has resided in the world’s greatest city all her life. She turned her back on her industrial relations career to pursue her greatest love which is introducing children to God. Jo is married to Phillip Elliott, a devoted writer of fiction, and together they have travelled the world, opening their minds and their hearts to new peoples and languages. They also make time to sit and savour a cup of the best brewed coffee in the world, an experience in itself…

“History Village: The Cross Over” is Jo Elliott’s first published novel. Jo loved the writing experience so much that she published a sequel, called “History Village: Break It Up” and is currently working on the third installment in the series.


Narrator Bio

I’m just your average nerd living out in the heart of Texas. (Actually, more to the side, but heart sounds way cooler) As the only 17yr old narrator I know of I hope to be part of putting God’s messages in people’s everyday lives, and also to show other youth that we are capable of taking on things that might be deemed as ”only for adults”. If I finish my homework on time you can normally find me reading, writing a new debate case, cooking up a new recipe that I just have to try, or taking a nice long walk.


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  1. Dear Audiobook News,
    Thanks for hosting my tour!
    Great layout & presentation!
    Jo Elliott
    (Author: “History Village The Cross Over”)


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