Audiobook Tour: Rosedale in Love by Lev Raphael

Author: Lev Raphael Narrator: Robin Siegerman Length: 11 hours 59 minutes Publisher: Audiobooks Unleashed Released: May 20, 2021 Genre: Historical Fiction   In the glittering world of money-mad 1905 New York City, Jewish financier Simon Rosedale plans to force his way into high society through marriage, and has his eye on Lily Bart. One of... Continue Reading →

Audiobook Tour: Love in the Wild by Emma Castle

Author: Emma Castle Narrators: Shane East, Lucy Rivers Length: 9 hours 25 minutes Publisher: Emma Castle Books Released: Dec. 30, 2020 Genre: Contemporary Romance A sensual, powerful, and thought-provoking Tarzan retelling. Eden Matthews stumbled upon the discovery of a lifetime while photographing wildlife deep in the heart of Africa.... A gorgeous god of a man... Continue Reading →

Audiobook Tour: Tempest Cursed by K.C. Lannon

Author: K.C. Lannon Narrator: Fran Burgoyne Length: 9 hours 50 minutes Publisher: K.C. Lannon Released: Jan. 6, 2021 Genre: Fantasy; Young Adult On the island of Moon Tithe, where oceanic gods called Deep Dwellers once ruled, a lonely girl and a monstrous boy fell in love. When spirited 10-year-old Pearl searches for magic and answers... Continue Reading →

Audiobook Tour: Villain’s Vacation by Andy Zach

Author: Andy Zach Narrator: Michael Stafford Length: 3 hours 10 minutes Series: Secret Supers, Book 2 Publisher: Jule Inc. Released: May 5, 2021 Genre: Middle Grade; Science Fiction Four disabled seventh graders with superpowers take a vacation at Coaster World. They need a break from fighting criminals. Ever since the beginning of the school year... Continue Reading →

Audiobook Tour: The Sin Soldiers by Tracy Auerbach

Author: Tracy Auerbach Narrator: Rocky Taylor Length: 10 hours 35 minutes Series: The Fragments Series, Book 1 Publisher: The Parliament House Released: April 16, 2021 Genre: Science Fiction; Young Adult Red compound makes them angry. Yellow exhausts them. Blue drives them into a state of ravenous addiction. The thief Kai knows about the chemically controlled... Continue Reading →

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